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Spoke Sisters rides

Our Spoke Sisters rides are women only social rides organised every week.
We are a welcoming group of women who love riding mountain bikes and share our passion with others. The goal is to have fun together, try new things, support and encourage each other while making new friends and gaining confidence on our bikes. We are women only and inclusive so if you identify as a woman feel free to join us too! You need to be 18+ to ride with us as we usually have snacks and beverages (some are alcoholic) at the end of every ride thanks to the support of b.effect brewing co..


  • Build friendships with other fellow riders
  • Discover new places to ride
  • Build your confidence riding with a group of supporting riders
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Every Tuesday evening and some Saturdays or Sundays

Times are subject to vary slightly depending on event, check each event on Facebook to be sure of location and time we are meeting at.

Who are these rides for?

Anyone, from beginners wanting to give it a go to more advanced riders who might want to meet other riders and have fun riding bikes with other people. We are not a racing crew and we wait for everyone so don't be afraid to come even if you think you ride slowly! All you need is a functioning bike (no need for it to be fancy, it just needs to work! 😉), a helmet that fits your head, some snacks + water, and some banter! Some of the locations and trails will be a little more challenging, check on each event as we will put a little description of the tracks in the even description so you can decide.

Let's get riding!

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