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Terms & Conditions

Please take the time to read these terms and conditions, as browsing or purchasing on this website means that you have agreed to these terms, as well as all terms listed online in relation to our Privacy Policy, Shipping & Returns Policy.

By using this website, you guarantee that you have read, understood and agreed that 1) you have the capacity to abide to this agreement and the authority to decide to this agreement, 2) you are bound to these terms and conditions, 3) you agree to comply with all local rules and laws.

Be-Spoke Ltd reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time and without notice. These changes are effective immediately. It is your responsibility as the user to read and understand changes to the terms and conditions. The Terms and Conditions are relevant until terminated by Be-Spoke Ltd. Be-Spoke Ltd reserves the right to terminate these terms at any time without notice. Be-Spoke Ltd reserves the right to terminate any part of the website, any users access, any products provided or the website as a whole. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, you cannot use the Be-Spoke Ltd website.

Training programs, Lessons and Workshops

By signing up to any bike lesson, training program or workshop from this website, you accept the Terms and Conditions presented below. You attest to having read all information on the Be-Spoke Ltd website and completed the pre-requisite questionnaires (if required) and enter this program knowing full well the risks and demands involved.

Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous activity. Therefore, you agree to take personal responsibility for your fitness, experience, actions and equipment during this program.

Joining any program offered on this website, you accept that you will be exposed to some risks which may involve steep slopes, avoidable and unavoidable obstacles both manmade and natural on narrow trails and / or with poor traction. There will be exposure to the tracks outside edge. Be-Spoke Ltd will take every possible step to ensure your safety, however, you can and may fall off the bike and possibly get injured or damage your bike or riding gear.

By signing up for the program, you attest to have provided Be-Spoke Ltd with any known medical conditions or injuries, a valid and current In Case of Emergency Contact person and phone number. You also authorise your name, voice and picture to be used without payment in any capacity relating to this program by Be-Spoke Ltd.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations require 4 weeks' notice unless for medical reasons, for which you may cancel within 2 working days with a valid medical certificate.

Some memberships are for a minimum of 6 months - if your membership is subject to a minimum term and you cancel before your term ends, an early termination fee is applicable. This fee will be 50% of the value of your remaining membership payments.
To cancel your membership please contact us.

Making Complaints

Clients may make complaints to us by way of email to hello@be-spoke.co.nz. Clients are advised that complaints must be made in writing so that there is no ambiguity as to what has been said should a verbal complaint be made.

Recording and Resolution of Complaint

  • All complaints are recorded.
  • Be-Spoke director investigates the complaint.
  • Clients are notified of the outcome of the complaint within a reasonable time frame.
  • All complaints, resolutions and improvement actions are filed and recorded.

She Sends it Subscription


By subscribing you agree to pay your subscription fee for the goods that are delivered for the term agreed by both parties.

Any introductory discount applied on the 3 boxes subscription means your first box is an introduction month. It also means you have a minimum of another 2 payments due on your commitment term before you can cancel.

Any introductory discount applied on the 6 boxes subscription means your first month is an introduction month. It also means you have a minimum of another 5 payments due on your commitment term before you can cancel.

Subscription Renewal:

By signing up to a Be-Spoke Ltd She Sends It subscription you understand and agree you will be charged at the standard rate and that any promotional codes used as a new customer at signup do not transfer or apply to your renewal fee. The Company do not accept any responsibility or offer refunds for 'auto renewals' proceeding if you have failed to cancel your subscription before your next renewal date. You understand and agree that you will be automatically billed after your current subscription of 1, 3 or 6 boxes expires unless the subscription is 'set to cancel' before your final payment date in your initial commitment.



Cancelling your She Sends It subscription:

You may cancel your subscription by logging into your account on the Be-Spoke Ltd website at any time. This does not initiate any kind of refund if you fail to cancel before the renewal date.

Your subscription is continuous until you cancel and, if you cancel your membership before the end of an existing subscription commitment period, you will be charged for the remainder of that subscription period.

By Be-Spoke Ltd stating you can cancel at anytime this directly refers to the renewal and not your commitment term.

Any discounts given on the first month of a new subscription are applied on the assumption you stay subscribed for the entire initial commitment period. If you request to cancel before the end of the initial commitment you no longer qualify for any discount on any boxes and must pay the one month rate for any box you received a discount on.

Be-Spoke Ltd does not offer a 'free trial' unless stated. You can only cancel after the first box if you select a box to box subscription. A 3 boxes or 6 boxes subscription is different and you have agreed to stay for the entire subscription period. This policy protects the company from abuse of our discount systems given to new members who want to join up on a new subscription. If you agree to a 3 boxes or 6 boxes subscription you need to stay for the full commitment period. Normal month to month subscriptions can be cancelled at any point.

Be-Spoke Ltd is a subscription service, by signing up you agree it is your responsibility to cancel your own subscription by logging into your account profile. The Company do not accept responsibility to cancel your account on your behalf. It is up to the customer alone to cancel the subscription. Cancellations must be completed before the next renewal date.

You must cancel your subscription 24 hours before the renewal date. IF YOU DO NOT CANCEL PRIOR TO THE RENEWAL DATE OF A CALENDAR MONTH, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THAT MONTH'S SERVICE AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A Be-Spoke Ltd She Sends It box. All cancellation requests received after the renewal date of a calendar month will apply to the following calendar month.

Warranty & Limitations:

a. DISCLAIMER: Be-Spoke Ltd makes no warranties or representations about the accuracy or the completeness of this content, the content of any site linked to this site, contributors, information or any other items or sites linked to this site. We assume no liability or responsibility for:

  • Errors or inaccuracies of content and materials;
  • Personal injury or property damage of any nature whatsoever, resulting from your access to and use of the website;
  • Any unauthorised access to or use of secure servers and any or all personal information stored therein;
  • Any interruption or down-time on the website;
  • Any bugs, viruses, trojan horses or the like that could be transmitted through the website;
  • Any errors or omissions in any content and materials or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any content posted or made available via the Be-Spoke Ltd website and social media.

b.LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: In no event shall Be-Spoke Ltd be liable to any third party for any indirect, consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages, including a decrease in profit from your use of the website or social media, contributions or any branded items. Be-Spoke Ltd's liability to you in respect of any loss or damage suffered by you and arising out of or in connection with this agreement whether in contract, tort or breach of statuary duty.

c. Everything Be-Spoke Ltd sells has its own warranties, and is represented by the various manufactures of said product. In accordance, Be-Spoke Ltd makes no warranty with respect to any product sold other than what is stated here. We do not give warranties expressed or implied with any kind of respect to any products sold on the website.


Prices are all displayed and quoted in New Zealand Dollars. Be-Spoke Ltd reserves the right to do any and all fraud checks required. Be-Spoke Ltd reserves the right to change prices without notice.

Intellectual Property:

Be-Spoke Ltd owns all content other than outlinked content. This includes our website, data base, content, images, logo, titles, names, illustrations, designs, marketing, graphics, text and images. This may not be used by you for any reason unless authorised in writing from Be-Spoke Ltd. Any use of any content is against copyright law.

You must not access be-spoke.co.nz to do anything for an illegal purpose. International users agree to this in their jurisdiction. You must not attempt to hack, modify or use the website illegally. You must not do anything that would harm users or Be-Spoke Ltd. You must not violate our trademark or copyright laws.

Any breach to any part of these terms and conditions terminates your agreement to use this page.