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Ready to Conquer the Trails at Night? Tips for Your First Night Ride

If you think mountain biking is all about daytime adventures, think again! Night riding adds a whole new layer of excitment and challenges to the sport. From the adrenaline rush to the unique sensations, there's something special about hitting the trails after the sun goes down. New to riding under the stars? No worries! Here's your starter guide to experiencing the magic of night riding.

Gear Up - It's All About the Lights

Light the Way (and Where You Look): A powerful light is your best friend on night rides, a helmet-mounted model is the most important. It follows your line of sight, letting you illuminate corners and obstacles exactly where you need the light. Aim for a model with a wide beam and a minimum of 1000 lumens – 1500 lumens is even better for fast, technical riding. Another handlebar-mounted light adds extra visibility and removes annoying shadows.

Our Pick: We love our Fenix BC30 2200 Lumens lights, and here's why:

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Keep an eye on our Facebook events page - we'll soon host intro night rides where you can try them out!

Coach's helmet with night light on

Price vs. Performance: Quality lights don't come cheap, but they'll last for years and transform the comfort of your rides. Do some research to find the best fit for your needs and budget. You can get away with a headtorch but they are sometimes difficult to attach to the helmet or can bounce around and smack you in the face (don't ask me how I have discovered that 🤣).

More Essential Gear

Before You Ride

Join the fun!

Why try night riding? Get ready for this:

Ready to join the night riding club? Come on out for a Tuesday Spoke Sisters ride! You'll have a blast and see why we're totally hooked.

Group night riding
Contact us if you'd like to order a set of lights!