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Get your own lights for night riding!

Discover the magic of night riding! Expand your mountain biking adventures with our carefully selected light bundles. We make it easy to gear up for safe and exciting rides under the stars, illuminating new trails and unlocking unforgettable experiences. Whether you need a complete setup or just a powerful helmet light, we've got you covered.

Bundle 1: The Ultimate Night Rider

What's included:

  • Helmet light + Handlebar light + Batteries + Charger + Helmet mount
  • Price: $619.99

Perfect for conquering the most challenging trails with maximum visibility and confidence.

light bundle 1

Bundle 2: The Essential Helmet Light or Handlebar light

What's included:

  • Light + Batteries + Charger + Helmet mount
  • Price: $339.99

Start your night riding journey with a powerful and reliable helmet light for exploring trails and discovering new routes. This light can also be mounted on your handlebar if you choose to.

light bundle 2

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Light Features:

Power, Performance, & Practicality:

Let us know if you have any questions or want to see the lights in action!

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